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Alloy Tubing & Tube Products

Tungum Ltd has over 75 years’ experience in the supply of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. In addition to our unique Tungum Alloy Tubing we source and supply a comprehensive range of Tube Products.



Oil & Gas production, fighting vehicles and transportation are just a few industrial sectors where Tungum is being widely used as an instrumentation tubing.

Why Tungum?

Home-Dive-1Tungum Tubing has been used for high quality safety critical applications for over 25 years. In fact, there are no recorded failures of Tungum Tubing when correctly used and installed. That is why we use the expression ‘fit and forget’ due to its long life and excellent corrosion resistance.


Tube Products

Alongside Tungum Tubing we also source and supply a variety of Tube Products, including the excellent CPV Valves range, tubing (in every type of base material), valves, compression fittings, regulators and enclosures.


We have an excellent distribution network around the world supplying Tungum Tubing. Please contact your local distributor for a price and delivery.